But former rival Marco Rubio, who ended his presidential bid, did well here in the battle over so-called “double agents” — delegates committed to voting for one candidate but who actually support another — that has had Trump crying foul for weeks. These delegates are free to vote against Trump on convention rules, possibly elevating Cruz, John Kasich or even a nominee not in the race right now.

Picking up delegates has been a strength for Cruz for almost a month now, and he continued placing his supporters into Trump delegate slots throughout Georgia on Saturday.

But the largely Cuban-American crowd that jammed into the Oliva Cigar Company, located just outside Miami, demonstrated that Rubio could be a player at the Cleveland convention, too. Of the 15 delegates selected Saturday, three were members of Rubio’s Florida leadership team and two were top party leaders supporting Rubio. No Cruz or Trump supporters could be found on the list.

Rubio is holding onto his 173 delegates, making his team one of the most important blocs of supporters heading to the national convention.