ESPN is openly progressive, celebrating every advance of the sexual revolution, and it has been wildly inconsistent in its discipline for on-air statements. The network stood by an employee who guffawed as Mike Tyson graphically described a black man raping Sarah Palin. in an interview. They failed to discipline another employee who compared Tea Party members to ISIS. They issued only a brief suspension to Stephen A. Smith when he argued that women can “provoke” their own beatings. Critically, each of those incidents occurred on the job and not on personal Facebook postings.

In other circumstances, ESPN expressed “regret” when an NBA analyst called homosexuality an “open rebellion to God” and issued a brief and mysterious “Twitter suspension” when a baseball writer engaged in a tweeted argument in favor of evolution. (The network denied the suspension had anything to do with his views.)

In other words, ESPN doesn’t have any standard operating procedure for dealing with controversy. But in this case, they were all too happy to appease the leftist internet mob. So what if a man loses his job as long as the Huffington Post is happy?

ESPN has far greater problems than an unruly conservative’s social-media postings. The progressive geniuses that run the network are busy laying off hundreds of employees after failing to properly anticipate the decline in cable-subscriber fees as cord-cutters abandon cable companies in favor of online streaming services.