Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said Friday that a general election match-up against Donald Trump could be “all about” insults and derogatory comments if they both become their party’s nominees.

After a long riff about the dangers of cyber-bullying, Clinton pivoted to Trump, saying she won’t respond to what the GOP frontrunner says about her directly, but vowing instead to go after him for what he’s said about women, immigrants and Muslims.

“You know what, it isn’t really about me,” Clinton said to a mostly female audience during a discussion about equal pay and gender parity.

“I’m going to respond on behalf of all the people that have been the target of his hatred, and his demagoguery.”

The prediction comes as Clinton looks to secure the Democratic nomination and turn her attention to the GOP front-runner. After winning the New York primary on Tuesday, she confidently said that the race was now in the “homestretch” and “victory is in sight.”