Recent months have seen Trump tweet out insults calling strategist Jacobus “a real dummy” and a “major loser,” incited the Trumpster mob against her” calling her “a whore” and posting graphic photo illustrations of her naked and being raped from behind.

Jacobus’ suit includes Facebook messages from former Trump rep Jim Dornan recruiting her for the PR post in May 2015 messages that were first seen here on The Lid.

In late January Corey Lewandowski was a guest Morning Joe to talk about his bosses withdrawal from the FNC debate the next day. Along with the normal Trump campaign super-sized political bravado, he attacked Cheri Jacobus’ appearance on the Kelly Files the evening before and claimed that she had pitched the Trump Campaign for a job. Lewandowski was lying. Ms. Jacobus wasn’t on the Kelly files the prior evening, and it was the Trump campaign who pitched her to work for the campaign.