Some commentators are less than thrilled with the new version of Trump — and they are blaming Manafort and other recent additions to his team.

“I wish Trump would go back to retweeting juvenile photos of Heidi Cruz,” pundit Ann Coulter tweeted on Friday. “I hate the new Manafort & Black Trump.”

(“Manafort & Black” alludes to a Washington lobbying firm in which Manafort and another scion of the GOP establishment, Charlie Black, were principals. The company has not had that name since a merger in the 1990s.)

In Connecticut on Saturday, Trump insisted he does not plan to start “toning it down.” He also said, “You know, being presidential’s easy — much easier than what I have to do. Here, I have to rant and rave. I have to keep people going. Otherwise you’re going to fall asleep on me, right?”