Take note: Fiorina is not my favorite GOP candidate by a mile. Though I’ve praised her strong critiques of the media’s whitewashing of Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts peddling, I was (and remain) critical of her gender-card-peddling California Senate campaign in 2010, her bizarre corporate courtship of race-hustler Jesse Jackson while she served as Hewlett-Packard CEO, her support for the Wall Street bailout and federal Obama stimulus, and her advocacy of the California DREAM Act, which provides in-state tuition discounts to illegal-immigrant students.

But because The View’s hosts neither know nor care anything more than a centimeter deep about the actual policy issues they discuss during their train-wreck “water cooler” debate segments, they must resort to grade-school taunts instead of even the semblance of a substantive discussion.

And when they’re called out for their unsightly displays of public ignorance or shallowness, all they have left to defend themselves is “Don’t you know who we are? You owe us!” arrogance.