Yet think about the children: there have been reports of children being used as suicide bombers for years. In Nigeria, four women blew themselves up and a ten-year-old girl with an explosive belt was taken into police custody. CBS News has reported that “It is difficult to know how many children have been trained in Iraq and Syria, but there have been reports the number in recent months is in the hundreds.”

It’s a tactic the Taliban and other terrorist networks have perfected, recruiting children to kill as they yell, “Allahu Akbar.” PBS has reported as recently as this week that children and teens are being trained as ISIS suicide bombers. “It’s also a record of one particularly disturbing way the group is trying to expand its influence: training children and teenagers to become the next generation of jihadis,” PBS writes.

The children who are being trained are sometimes as young as five years old. This ISIS video is a disturbing picture of what we’re facing on the terrorist front. It shows lines of young children participating in drills and chanting verses from the Quran.