The modern feminist movement has scrambled so far from the origin of the feminist movement—one dedicated to equality—that it not only tarnishes its honorable past but damns any hope for its future. One of the unfortunate, and by now prosaic, hallmarks of feminism is this twisted equation: Ideology coupled with whining equals more whining, typically about the “patriarchal” system feminists have found themselves suffering within.

Feminism was never supposed to be sexy. It was supposed to salvage what an unaware patriarchy had pushed aside. When feminism as a movement started broadcasting “sexy” as a mantra, rather than “equality,” it not only defeated its purpose but reveled in its own irony: Since when is it sexy to give a woman a job over a man merely because she’s a woman?

You know what’s sexier than modern-day feminism? Women who, rather than over-exalt their feminine traits, simply embrace their God-given qualities in a way that encourages and edifies the people in their lives, whether publicly or privately. Women who, rather than eschew men in general because of their hard-wired traits, appreciate the many characteristics men embody that aid our society. (God help us all if the world were filled with only women!). Women who, rather than claim they need no man, can do anything better than a man, and in fact, spread propaganda about how men are prowling beasts, educate themselves with facts, not feelings, about the differences between and rights of men and women.