So this isn’t a culture war anymore. A culture war pits traditional values against modern worldviews. Kulturkampf refers to the struggle between nation states to break free from the influence of the Catholic Church in 19th century in an effort to expand liberalism. The tension between secularism and traditionalism is a useful one, but there is no church to break free from here; no ballot initiative targeting transgendered people.

We have enough space, technology, diversity and freedom to sustain an array of social views and lifestyles. Even though a majority of Americans live fundamentally traditional lives, most accept that other people do not — even if they disapprove. Other than a few voices on the fringe, no person advocates drumming gay or transgendered Americans from the workplace or society or to punish them for their lifestyle. (Though, the same can’t always be said in reverse.)

Yet, progressives are so wrapped up in the notion that social change can only be achieved through politics and regulation, that when they do lose a vote, they act like the social order is crumbling and the nation is careening towards a theocratic nightmare.