Many characters have been killed off on “The Walking Dead,” but Glenn’s apparent death sparked a visceral reaction from fans unlike any other. Over the course of the series, Glenn became the most beloved character on the show. Glenn is smart, resourceful, brave, and quick-thinking. These traits are part of what has kept him alive for so long. Glenn is also compassionate and shows great humanity. He has an optimism for life only enhanced when he met Maggie, who he later married and is now expecting their first child.

Glenn is the only character who has not been “corrupted,” in a sense, by the events that have transpired. Through all he has experienced and seen, Glenn’s character arc has seen growth, but his principles and character have remained steadfast.

Of the original five characters on the show, Glenn is the only one who has not killed a human. He has had opportunities, to be sure. In fact, he came close when he nearly killed Nicholas in season five. But he didn’t. Doing so would have marked a new era for him and completely changed who he was as a character.