An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released on Friday showed Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont who is running as a Democrat, received 48 percent of support from young voters between the ages of 18-29, compared to Clinton’s 33 percent. 

While the poll did not break down millennial support by gender, efforts by Clinton’s campaign to reach out to young women suggests it is a demographic the former secretary of State’s team is seeking to strengthen. 

Clinton does well with women voters in general, but Democratic strategists have highlighted support from young women as a potential vulnerability for Clinton — particularly in the primary. 

The historic nature of Clinton’s campaign doesn’t resonate with millennial women the same way it does with other women, say strategists, because young woman believe someone will break the Oval Office glass ceiling even if it doesn’t happen in 2016. 

“To them it seems obvious and indisputable that if Clinton doesn’t win, some other woman will, and soon,” one Democratic strategist and Clinton supporter said, adding that Clinton seems “too old, too moderate and too caught up in another time.”