Last month, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda sent a letter to NBC that read, in part, “Donald Trump has yet to apologize for his bigoted comments about Mexican immigrants. Allowing Trump to host SNL will legitimate and validate his anti-Latino comments… We are appalled that you would enable Trump’s hateful speech for nothing less than a ratings ploy and ask that you rescind the SNL invitation.”

Next, the California Latino Legislative Caucus wrote to the network, “‘Saturday Night Live’ may be a comedy show, but inviting a host [who] believes the largest ethnic group in the country consists of rapists and criminals with ‘lots of problems’ is not only wrong, but it makes NBCUniversal complicit in demeaning an entire community.”

The outrage even made it to the House floor, where Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) called out SNL captain Lorne Michaels by name, wondering aloud “if things might have been different if Donald Trump was calling all Canadians rapists, murderers and drug dealers.”