“We all loved how Marco Rubio took apart Jeb Bush in the debate. Wasn’t it great? But what’s Rubio ever done? Anything? Other than his gang of eight amnesty bill, can anyone think of anything Marco Rubio’s ever done?” the ad said. “Anything at all besides amnesty? Marco Rubio looks good on TV, but that’s about it.”

Rick Shaftan, a consultant for the group, said it was disappointed with radio ads put out this week by Keep the Promise I, a pro-Cruz super PAC funded by hedge fund multimillionaire Robert Mercer that, as of June 30, had $10,470,926 in the bank.

“What we want to see is the other pro-Cruz super PACs follow our lead and make ads that reflect the candidate. The candidate is an exciting guy. Boring ads don’t cut it,” Shaftan said. “People are concerned that there’s gonna be wimpy ads in defense of Ted Cruz.”