Saying “I don’t know” creates a wonderful bridge to other people. Admitting that you’re not entirely 100 percent positive that you’re right allows opponents to relax enough that you can pounce — and beat the crap out of them with facts, logic, common sense, and maybe some nunchuks.

But first you must let them trust you by admitting uncertainty. Remember, your job isn’t to confirm but to convert. And conversion requires some humble pie up front. (By the way, this works in marriage. It’s also why it took until I was 40 for someone to marry me.)

Uncertainty can only work by paving the path for a rebuttal that is infused with compassion. Meaning: Although you agree with them on the premise, after much thought you’ve found a way that makes life more livable for more people. Your compassion for the planet beats their compassion for the planet.