Today, similar bubbles clamp around the heads of many in the hard-core American left. Matt Bevin, in this view, is a horrifying conservative troglodyte, to be sure, and a foil to an “enlightened” left, but just a fluke: Just wait a few short months, when Kentucky’s backwards Republican leadership transforms the state into a scene from Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic “The Road”—you know, like Texas, a state to which everyone is inexplicably moving—and THEN America will see!

Ms. Lady Panther herself, Hillary Clinton, is not immune to the far-left invisible bubble helmet craze. Her husband may have been long hailed for his canny triangulation through the wilds of American politics, but Hillary, at least for now, is casting her bets with the same leftist politics that rocketed fringe candidate Bevin to victory.

It is thus, in a country with record sales of guns for six months in a row, and with the NRA’s approval at a record 58 percent, that Hillary Clinton has made gun control a centerpiece of her campaign. It is thus, after Houston voters resoundingly rejected a measure that would allow men with a “female gender identity” to use women’s public restrooms, and vice versa—the diverse city, which has also cheerfully elected a lesbian mayor for three terms, voted it down by around 62 percent—that Hillary Clinton vows to continue to push for similar laws.