“I hope so,” former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Michael Steele said in a phone interview on Wednesday when asked if 2016’s GOP convention will be brokered. He continued:

Because I want us to go—I’ve been saying this for many years now—it’s important that the party go through the process that the base of this party, the activists who will show up 4,000 strong, the delegates to the convention, feel they actually have a say in the process and that [it] is not the sort of wrote, scripted outcome. Now, I get all of the perils that go with that [a brokered convention]. I certainly do. I just think that what the base has been saying, 50 percent of them considering all the top three candidates or two candidates are at the moment is that they want something different. They’re trying to get the party to pay attention to its core concerns. They are not down with big government Republicanism, they’re not down with a feckless Republican Congress, they’re not down with a political leadership that has its fingers to the wind and is not anchored in core principles and values. So this is in one sense a lashing out, what you see, but in another sense it’s core activists saying ‘enough, stop this, we want a say.’ So I think there is something cathartic, important and refreshing about the prospects of going into the convention that it’s not a runaway for one candidate, that they’re actually going to have to negotiate and talk about who we are, what we value and how we present that to the country.