Not only has Fiorina advocated for equal rights for women, she’s lived her entire life as an example of equality and the American dream. And today, she’s running for president of the United States as a Republican. 

Fiorina’s campaign is a threat to the bogus idea that the left has a monopoly on political thought, and it destroys the notion that women should vote for Democrats if they know what’s good for them. The attack by the ladies of “The View” isn’t about Fiorina, it’s about circling the wagons around Hillary Clinton in her bid for the presidency, embracing character assassination and snuffing out female competition without intellectual debate. When they talk about Fiorina’s “demented face,” they aren’t talking about her long record in business, and they certainly aren’t comparing it to Clinton’s record. 

Fiorina describes herself as Hillary Clinton’s “worst nightmare,” and that’s because she is. Rather than treat women as a special interest group, Fiorina treats them as equals with interests outside of their reproductive system and understands that the policies of the Obama administration, which Clinton plans to carry forward, are detrimental to everyone. 

Fiorina will appear on “The View” Friday and will certainly add substance to the conversation. Whether Michelle Collins will be prepared for the challenge is uncertain.