Fast-forward to this election cycle and some in the Republican Party are trying to undo Ryan’s herculean and courageous efforts to convince the public on the need for entitlement reform. Presidential contenders Mike Huckabee and Trump, for instance, are pandering to the electorate by saying such reform is not necessary. And when Trump says jump, Breitbart News replies in unison: “How high, sir?”

“Ryan’s decision to lead with a plan to cut Medicare spending — cuts pushed outside of the budget window — at a time when they had no chance of enactment, was seen by many as major strategic blunder,” Breitbart’s Julie Hahn wrote in one of her anti-Ryan hit pieces. “His budget did not balance and provided an easy target for Democrats.”

Yes, Ryan was irresponsible in pushing entitlement reform because it’s a political loser — and also irresponsible for not advocating a plan with more draconian budget cuts. Logical coherence, however, is of little concern when your sole goal is to gut Ryan any way you can because you believe he will pursue an immigration policy as House Speaker short of mass deportation.

The problem for Breitbart and their fans is that most Republican members of Congress — and Republicans nationally — are closer to Paul Ryan on immigration than they are to Ann Coulter. Which is why, despite Breitbart’s anti-Ryan editorial temper tantrum, Ryan is likely to be elected the next Speaker of the House this week.