Chris Christie. Who warned you almost two years ago that Christie was doomed from the start? Me, that’s who. He can’t make an economic case for his leadership in New Jersey, can’t make an ideological case for conservatives, and can’t get out of the low single digits. Christie is a Trump-type guy, but you can’t cross the streams of those two egos. His team is largely made up of moderate guys, so he’ll try for an alliance with Bush. If he’s really smart, he’ll make a play for Cruz or Rubio, and maybe cut a deal to become Attorney General.

Bobby Jindal. I really like Bobby Jindal. He’s sharp as hell, a strong conservative, and a guy I’d want in a senior role in any Cabinet, but this was always a splash-and-dash name-ID building exercise. Want a guy who can dismantle Obamacare and love every second of the nerd-out it takes to do it? Jindal’s your guy. I’d advise him to make nice with Rubio, and move forward. Young smart guys, unite!