“This group unanimously has decided that Donald Trump is not a candidate who we can support,” said Jerry Natividad, one of the organizers of the meeting, adding that the group will be before the December GOP debate in Las Vegas to evaluate the remaining candidates.

Behind closed doors, the group of about 20 Hispanic leaders discussed all the candidates running, said Mario Lopez, the president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, in hopes of beginning to differentiate between those who can win the White House and those who are damaging the party with a vital group of voters…

“It’s a shot across the bow to candidates who embrace Trump and who embrace those proposals that you should be worried, because we’re going to call you out,” he said. “This is how you build political leverage, so we can have an exchange. So if they want to talk to us, great, but at the end we want change, and if we don’t see it, they will hear from us.”

Cruz reached out to all the participants in the meeting in advance in an effort to assuage their concerns, but Aguilar said the group is looking to see a change in policy.