And now that Republicans finally control the Senate, they aren’t about to let Angle screw things up.

“[Heck] can win. It is about winning elections after all,” said Texas Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, who chaired the National Republican Senatorial Committee during Angle’s run. Angle “had a shot and has been unsuccessful. So my money is with him.”

Indeed, Republicans do not believe that Angle can beat Heck, who is a major recruiting coup for Republicans in one of the only competitive open-seat elections in 2016. But there are two worries: That she could drag Heck to the right and leave Cortez Masto running room in purple Nevada, and that she could drain Heck’s resources before an expensive general election.

“Angle doesn’t have a prayer, but she’ll cause some damage to Joe and make him spend some money,” said Chuck Muth, a conservative activist in Nevada. “We’ve got an excellent chance with Joe Heck to pick up that seat, which could possibly determine if Republicans or Democrats control the U.S. Senate, and I would hate to see her blow it again.”