While his “Make America Again Great” hats may be the most popular campaign swag north of the Rio Grande, in Mexico the most popular Donald Trump paraphilia is of a different variety: Piñatas. Ever since announced his entry into the presidential race last June with a thundering tirade against Mexico, Mexicans and immigrants in general Dalton Avalos, a 28-year-old piñata maker from the northern Mexican border city of Reynosa, has been doing a brisk business candy-filled effigies of Trump.

“I’ve sold something like sixty or seventy since I started making them, they’ve been doing very well,” Avalos tells me. The Facebook page of his workshop is filled with photos of Trump piñatas, most of them depicting the billionaire as a comic book villain: overweight, a big mouth and an outlandish hairstyle, even by Trump standards.

“To me, it’s a way of creatively expressing my anger over his racism and his hatred for Mexico and my people,” Avalos explained. “But it’s also a way to make fun of him. And people love it, my customers have been very supportive.”