Millennials are tired of politics-as-usual and are looking for a leader unafraid to buck the status quo. Senator Cruz’s critique of both Democrats and Republicans will especially resonate with disillusioned Millennials — but carry actual substance and weight unlike the candidacies of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Cruz recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and held his own very well. He cracked jokes and answered tough questions with poise. Even when Colbert pressed him on the marriage issue, Cruz delivered a very good answer without conceding his position — states, not the courts, should decide on that issue through the Tenth Amendment. When audience members booed him for supporting marriage between a man and a woman, Colbert even said he must be shown some respect. Honesty beckons respect. As a result, Cruz’s honesty and respect for the Constitution will even beckon respect from those who disagree with him.

Moreover, Senator Cruz is very social media savvy and in touch with what’s trendy in pop culture. According to staffers, he’s a huge fan of the The Princess Bride film. Buzzfeed enlisted Cruz to audition for The Simpsons where he showed Americans he can twirl for freedom. Even better — Cruz proved you can cook bacon while shooting an AR-15. (So much for a stuffy, boring politician!) He’ll be able to relate to our generation better than other candidates given his youthfulness and forward-thinking digital strategy in place — without diluting our message.