Senator Ted Cruz being snubbed with not one republican granting him the procedural courtesy of a roll call vote.

“Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the senate, and as a consequence he can’t get anything done legislatively. He is pretty much done for and stifled and it’s really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem. I approach things a little different, I am still just as hardcore in saying what we are doing , I just chose not to call people liars on the senate floor and it’s just a matter of different perspectives on how best to get to the end result.”

Would you say Mitch McConnell has let you down?

“I think I would say we have disagreements on tactics on how to do it and I stand up forcefully for what I think is right and I try not to make it personal. So I will stand up, I stood up on the NSA, I stood up on Planned Parenthood, I forced a vote on Planned Parenthood in August but I try not to make it personal and I think in not making it personal and understanding other people have different perspectives and really this is a democratic republic, you have to woo people, you can’t hit them over the head.”