First, 56% of Democratic voters are women, who prefer Clinton to her rivals. And unlike Obama, who held Clinton to just 20% of the nonwhite vote through much of 2008, Sanders is trailing Clinton by 40 to 60 points among nonwhite Democrats. Pundits seem to enjoy questioning Clinton’s ability to energize the Obama coalition, but Sanders hasn’t been able to get out of the teens in terms of support among blacks or Latinos. Biden fares better, but he’s not Obama either.

Clinton leads Biden by 27 points and Sanders by 34 points in South Carolina, where Obama defeated her by 28 points. She leads them both by 32 points in Florida, where she defeated Obama despite exit polls showing he had won 75% of the black vote. (Sanders or Biden will be lucky to get 50% of the black vote against Clinton.)

Have all the Democratic voters in these states not heard of her emails and the server? Do they not know she is behind in Iowa and New Hampshire? How could they not? After months of drip, drip, drip, if the scandals haven’t sunk her with Democratic voters in these states, will further revelations hurt her? It’s possible, but it hasn’t happened yet.