It’s a pity Kentucky clerk Kim Davis will never receive the thanks she deserves for teaching America to value the rule of law. Suddenly liberals, including nearly everyone who supports the lawless President Barack Obama, think government officials don’t have the right to ignore laws they disagree with, and should be punished for trying.

Davis is teaching them something their fantastically expensive college careers apparently didn’t stress properly. Every fellow member of her Democrat Party should chip in to buy her a cookie basket or something, assuming such gifts are permitted in the jail she occupies.

Upon hearing of Davis’ incarceration, I asked if the mayors of all those lawless “sanctuary cities” – whose officials did exactly what Davis did, except they decided to ignore duly enacted federal immigration law, not the Supreme Court’s new definition of marriage – would be following her into the clink. These sanctuary mayors are directly responsible for the deaths of innocent people, after all. Davis didn’t kill anybody.