Now that Obama has his 34 Senators and a veto the anti-Iran bill cannot be overturned the postmortems have started. Some like an IBD Editorial said, “Senate Democrats Favoring Iran Deal Have Blood On Their Hands.” My friend Joel Pollack at Breitbart argued that this proved the Antisemitic meme that the Jews control foreign policy wasn’t true, “Iran Deal: The ‘Israel Lobby’ is Dead– and Obama Killed It.” I would argue that they are both partially correct but are omitting possibly the biggest enabler. It was Jewicide, years of blind loyalty to the American Jewish community created an environment where the Democrats knew they could support a lousy deal without electoral retribution from the key Jewish voting block.

Allow me to put it a different way, over thirty years ago Secretary of State James Baker said “F**k the Jews they won’t vote for us anyway.” Truth is Bush #41 was lousy on Jewish issues. But since then Because most American Jews have a blind loyalty to the Democratic Party no matter the policy, today the Democrats act as if their stance is “F**k the Jews they will vote for us whatever we do!”