One go-to topic for liberal conspiracy theorists these days is Israel and the idea that American Jews might be loyal to the Jewish state, not the United States. Blumenthal — whose son is a maniacally anti-Israel liberal activist — doesn’t think much of Israel, either.

In one e-mail, Blumenthal told Hillary that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is stage managing U.S. Jewish organizations (and neocons, and the religious right, and whomever else he can muster) against the administration. AIPAC itself has become an organ of the Israeli right, specifically Likud.”

The idea that American Jews were being controlled by a foreign capital was a recurring theme for “Sid Vicious.” In November 2010, he wrote that Malcolm Hoenlein, the head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations “has been raising money hand over fist for the Republicans through [then-Rep.] Eric Cantor, now his vehicle. The donors are many of the same US donors to Bibi and Likud. Implications obvious.”

Blumenthal also sent Clinton analyses on Iran by the long-discredited conspiracy theorist Gary Sick, who rose to fame with a sloppy and false book claiming that Ronald Reagan had arranged for the Iranian hostage crisis to drag on until he’d won the 1980 election.