I don’t know whose reputation, his or mine, I damage more by saying this: I hope Joe Biden runs for president. In recent cycles, presidential elections have become very close contests, decided by a handful of swing states. Regardless of who the nominees end up being, this thing could go either way. In the event I have to live under a Democratic president for the next four or possibly eight years, I’d rather it be a Democrat I like. Also, preferably not a socialist.

As much as I disagree with Joe Biden on many policy issues, I like the guy. Whether it be in expressing joy or deep sorrow, he is authentic and unafraid to show human emotion. Part of a president’s job is to be the consoler-in-chief in times of national grief. Joe Biden knows how to help people pick themselves up again after tragedy.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, he is unscripted and spontaneous. Yes, he’s verbose. Left unchecked, his interactions can often turn into monologues peppered with Irish poetry and occasional bad words. He is prone to gaffes. But we never doubt that he is saying what he actually believes.