GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday he doesn’t mind being criticized if he does something wrong, but that he believes in correcting people when he’s right or doesn’t deserve criticism.

“I don’t mind being criticized, and I don’t mind it at all,” Mr. Trump said on CNN’s “New Day.” “And I won’t use names, but there are certain people that criticize unfairly. If I do something wrong … I have very thick skin. I don’t mind being criticized. I’ll never, ever complain.”

“I know when I do something wrong. I’m a smart person. I mean, I do something wrong — I do things wrong — and when I do, I don’t mind. They can come at me 15 different ways,” he said. “But when I’m right or when I don’t deserve something, I think it’s very, very unfair to speak incorrectly. So I will correct people. I believe in that.”