The staunchest of pro-lifers, even if they were in charge of the Republican Party today, could not deliver a victory in defunding Planned Parenthood. For what is in operation here is not the moral will of the Republican Party, but the inhumanity of the pro-abortion Democratic Party. The inhumanity of the Democratic Party is on full display. America needs to rid its politics and culture of these legislators. May not a single person of goodwill, let alone Christians, stay home this upcoming election! We must elect a president who makes this a priority and has the intellectual understanding to see this evil. The next President must also have the courage and zeal to exorcise the demon of Planned Parenthood from America.

Before the blind pro-life zeal of some accuses me of being weak on this issue, I reluctantly state that I have been arrested and jailed for the peaceful defense of human life at abortion clinics. I have stood weekly at the lethal chambers of abortion doctors. I have rallied, preached, written, taught, marched, counseled women, raised money for pro-life causes, fought in referendums, and all the things that the pro-life community has so faithfully and for so many years being doing as well, to stop this holocaust. I am writing this not out of fear, weakness, or political calculation. Some may disagree all they want with the Republican Party. But it is a fact that Planned Parenthood cannot be defunded at present because the votes needed are not there.

Don’t agree? Call the staunch pro-life senators and congressmen and ask them if we have the votes. But do not stop there; ask them for the names of the Democrats that will vote with us in order to win the vote in the Senate and the names of those who will join our side to override the Presidential veto. Pro-lifers should flood their phone lines and post their answers. If any congressman or senator tells you we have the votes and can defund Planned Parenthood now, but fails to give you the names, you will know what they know: They do not have the votes.