CHRIS MATTHEWS: I just wish John Boehner — this is just my opinion hat being put on here. If he’s going to get a CR through before he leaves, the Speakership, why not pass or at least bring to a vote the immigration bill passed in a bipartisan fashion by the Senate? And everyone who covers the Hill knows this, left, right, and center. If that came to a vote, we would have the immigration fight behind us going into this presidential election, leaving only the racists to talk about it. Everyone else would say, you know, that was a pretty darn good compromise. We’re going to have requirements so people no longer are being hired illegally. There’s going to be some kind of way to be a citizen overtime with a lot of obstacles, but you can get there.

It’s a really good bill passed with at least a dozen Republican Senators of goodwill, like Lindsey Graham. I think it would be great if he said okay, we’re a democracy here for a couple hours. We’re going to vote on the immigration bill before I leave.