Are you a man who majored in business because it interested you or because you felt it would lead to a great career? That may be an unhealthy form of masculinity, according to a series of seminars coming next week from the Vanderbilt University Women’s Center.

Yes, you read that correctly: A women’s center seems to be telling men how they should and should not behave. Imagine the outrage if a male-dominated group attempted to tell women how they should and should not behave. You don’t have to imagine, just remember all the anger that comes whenever a man speaks up about abortion. (Well, this actually happens only to the men who don’t agree with feminists on abortion.)

The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center at Vanderbilt will host a week of seminars exploring “healthy masculinity through various lenses: American society, the gay and bisexual community, fraternities and more.” The first event, taking place on Monday, Sep. 10, is called “The Macho Paradox: Why some men hurt and how all men can help.”