The fact that so often charges of religious prejudice, racism, and sexism under scrutiny break down and prove melodramatic, if not outright fabrications, suggests that there is a perception by the victims, at least, that there are not quite enough naturally occurring bigots to go around without having to invent some. Even the vociferous Trump apparently cannot provide enough religious intolerance without being lured into more.

There are careerist advantages to becoming a victim of religious, racial, or sexual prejudice. Ahmed Mohamed is now a global rock star; Mattress Girl is a leftist icon. No one much cares that “hands up; don’t shoot” was a complete myth.

Note that the constructed crimes are always committed against the supposed victims of race and class intolerance. A white kid two years ago played with his food to concoct something that was felt to resemble a gun — and thereby earned an unwarranted school suspension. Yet the White House did not invited the seven-year-old boy for a visit either to honor his artistic talents or to commiserate with him over the intolerance of local school officials.