Trump appears to have a special concern about hedge fund executives — “They don’t really build anything, they shuffle paper,” he said on MSNBC. But his comments to Bloomberg suggest he might also target “people making hundreds of millions of dollars a year” in a more general way. Asked about a broad policy of increasing taxes on the super rich, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski would say little about Trump’s intentions, but noted that “Mr. Trump has said that he does not mind paying what is required to make our country great again.”

Raising taxes on anyone, even the super rich, has generally been anathema to Republicans for a generation. But Trump will probably find a receptive ear among American voters overall. An academic study by Stanford professor David Broockman and Berkeley Ph.D candidate Douglas Ahler — a study that also had revealing findings about immigration — suggests that Trump’s views on taxes are closer to the public’s than those of Republican elites.