On the one hand, we have people using the techniques that made 60 Minutes famous to expose what is, after all, only reality — the reality behind a contentious public debate too often characterized by a refusal to deal with the facts. We have activists and politicians who want to use that reporting to reform the law and public practices, and maybe to influence the nation’s morals, too, in the hopes that Americans’ attenuated moral instincts have not been extinguished entirely. Some terrorists.

On the other hand, we have knife-wielding killers slicing through the faces of newborn children — children with beating hearts — to get at the prize behind as the green-eyeshades types in accounting demand “More brains!” like they’re in some old zombie movie. But it isn’t a movie: It is real life, and real death. More livers, too — 50 more a week, as one lip-smacking ghoul dreamed of retailing.

Herself is horrified by one of these. That she is horrified by the wrong one is no surprise to anybody who is familiar with the career of Hillary Rodham Clinton, for whom the phrase “the banality of evil” is far better tailored than her pantsuits.