Every few hours, the campaigns of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul send out a donor message about his fight against the PATRIOT Act. In each one, this coming Sunday is marked as a do-or-die moment to block the most loathed provisions of the law. In one Wednesday e-mail, Paul made a winking, knowing reference that assumed his followers were watching closely.

“If I’m going to slug it out Sunday with the spy state apologists, I’m going to need all the help and support I can get,” Paul wrote. “Unfortunately, it seems the president, the senior senator from Arizona and other members of the ‘eye roll’ caucus who can’t stand any mention of the Bill of Rights are all operating out of the same playbook.”

The “eye roll,” of course, was a reference to South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s Pavlovian response when Paul led a group of senators in delaying the PATRIOT vote by a week. It was immediately turned into a gif; in time it was mocked by Jon Stewart. When Paul himself appeared on Stewart’s show this week, he went even further than the e-mail, asking if Graham’s eye roll was disrespectful to the troops.