On Tuesday and Wednesday, spokespeople for Paul responded to questions from reporters by saying he “has not weighed in on the issue” because he was “out of pocket with family this week.” Paul, who is expected to officially launch his campaign on April 7, is currently on a vacation with his family in Florida.

However, while Paul’s team has said this trip has prevented him from weighing in on the “religious freedom” law controversy, he and his aides have issued at least three other public comments during his time in the Sunshine State…

On Monday, Paul attended a fundraiser for his campaign in Destin, Florida, where he is vacationing. At the event, he personally spoke with a reporter about the 2016 election. On Tuesday, Paul spokesperson Eleanor May talked to BuzzFeed for a story about his past statements on gay rights. And then on Wednesday, one of Paul’s aides discussed his support for an ethanol-friendly bill he is backing in the Senate.  

All of this occurred while Paul’s team said he was “out of pocket” and unable to comment on the “religious freedom” law.