Even if it isn’t too late for Israel to act militarily, a deal signed by Iran with all the world’s major powers including the United States would make the diplomatic cost of a unilateral Israeli action that much greater.

Israel is a small country to begin with, and 44 percent of the population lives within the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. This tiny area is home to about 3 million Jews, or more than one-fifth of the world’s Jewish population. Make no mistake, an Iranian nuclear weapon is a clear existential threat.

This is the harrowing reality that Jews will be confronting when they sit down to celebrate Passover Friday evening. But there is a silver lining, which is the second part of phrase I quoted at the outset.

“It is not only one that has risen up against us to destroy us; rather, in every generation, they rise against us to annihilate us,” the line starts. Then it continues, “But the Holy One blessed be He saves us from their hand.”