I spent the rest of the day with glowing skin and a break from the pain of an old knee injury. My tingly body flooded with energy that lasted well into the evening. As for my “post-facial” glow? That had mostly faded by the following morning, but the blemishes on my face also disappeared. (Even though your face isn’t immersed in the cold, it receives the benefits once your blood starts recirculating.)

Perhaps the most notable difference was my mood, which was noticeably less “New York snarky” for the day. I can only ascribe my post-cryo elation to something often associated with illegal drugs, Or how Elle Woods might expect one to feel after an intense kickboxing session. (Because, duh: Happy, endorphin-filled people don’t shoot their husbands.)

As for Lauren? Her level of pain, which includes fibromyalgia and a sports injury on her shoulder, was suddenly tolerable. Her post “sauna” high had also worn off by morning, but she’s hoping repetitive use will keep the health benefits coming. Lauren has been back almost every day since our first treatment, and says the benefits last longer each time. Kryolife recommends that people looking for long lasting benefits come frequently and often — (benefits which, granted, come with a pretty high price tag).