The news of Logan’s death and the postmortem discovery of Ebola triggered alarm bells for Dr. Mosoka Fallah, a 44-year-old epidemiologist and immunologist who, over the past year, has been chasing the Ebola virus across Monrovia.

He and his colleagues were tracking an outbreak in St. Paul’s Bridge, near Monrovia, where the disease had spread while many had refused to self-quarantine. (The infected man Logan had helped in Red Light, Fallah believes, came from St. Paul’s.) And now the doctors feared the virus would soon spread quickly among the addicts in Spoiler’s tents. “Where there has been an increase and sustained cases it has always been poor communities with low social and economic security, overpopulation and poor sanitation,” Fallah says. “Early on, [the poor] decided that that was their fate, to be down, not to fight back, and…in poor communities they only trust themselves.”