Why not introduce that “Gay Freedom Restoration Act” to protect sexual freedom and liberty and support the “free exercise” thereof by privately owned businesses? Would that mean a gay-owned restaurant could refuse to serve food to a right-wing religious homophobe? Or maybe Apple Computers, run by openly-gay CEO Tim Cook, could refuse to sell iPhones and iPads to fundamentalists?

Wait a second, you say, that’s discrimination! That kind of law would be morally wrong and possibly illegal! Yes, but the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees “equal protection under the law” including, in this brave new world, the right to discriminate.

Even better would be a national “Church of Gay” to which gay and straight folks could belong. Heck, if Scientology can be a religion, why can’t we start one? A central tenet of the “Church of Gay” would be equality and acceptance of everyone, and therefore violations of those principles would undermine the “sincerely held belief” of the Gayists.