But, for the moment, it is Cruz who is trying to turn on the charm on a bigger scale.

He allowed the conservative news site Breitbart to take and publish photos of him relaxing with his wife, Heidi, and the couple’s daughters on the evening before his speech launching his candidacy. 

A separate set of photos, taken during a rehearsal for the event, showed Cruz and his family practicing waving to the crowd and the senator kissing his wife.

Cruz made the rounds of the morning TV shows the day after the announcement. In a joint interview, his wife told NBC’s “Today” that her husband was someone “who tells the truth.” 

Shortly before Cruz’s announcement, he had also ventured into late-night TV territory, making an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

The freshman senator even sought to poke some fun at himself — relating how he had read from parts of “Green Eggs and Ham” during his famous 2013 marathon speech, he laughed that, “I poll very well in the 3-to-6 demographic.”