Today: I drive up to the house, I push the button for the garage door. I walk up the tunnel, I unlock the door with a key. I go in the family room, I turn on the fireplace with another remote control. I turn on the radio with the remote, change the channel with a button.

A year from now: I drive up to the house, the garage door just . . . opens. I walk up the tunnel, the door unlocks because it knows I’m there. I go to the family room and wave my hand, the fireplace starts. I wave at the radio, it comes on; I tap my wrist, the station changes.

Same situation, same outcome, but it’s all presence and gestures. It’s not that the old way was so onerous. It’s that the new way is just easier. If you think that’s wrong, then you should want to winch the garage door open by hand, turn a combination lock on the door, start the fire with paper and kindling, and let the radio warm up for a while before you turn the knob to your station. Why, in my day you had to work at getting in the house. Kids today, they’ve no idea what it was like to saw a rectangle in the side of the house to go indoors.