“Adopting a catchy acronym and circulating a checklist is not enough,” said Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America. “It’s easy to put on an ‘I CARE’ pin, but it doesn’t matter unless you actually demonstrate that care through your actions and the results you deliver. That’s what veterans, military members and their families are looking for: real results, not a slogan.”

But a spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars said the memo could be useful and called it “a good example of getting people to sing the same tune by providing the same sheet of music.”

“The reference sheets leave little doubt about the direction VA leadership is headed, which for employees means either get with the program or get out,” said VFW spokesman Joe Davis. “The VFW wants the VA to identify and fix what’s broken, to hold employees appropriately accountable, and to help restore the faith of veterans in their VA.”