The truth—outside of strictly binary ideas like life or death—is subjective. It was no less subjective when news was limited to one newspaper and one national newscast per day, which were prone to giving the “other side” of issues like firehosing black people and the systemic prohibition of rights for gays and lesbians.

But there was no “other side.” It was a quiet repression all along that would’ve gone unchecked without the evolution of news into criticism and comedy.

So of course Brian Williams is going down. The idea that we still expected anything out of that job is the most surprising event from last week.

“People are now starting to get connected because video and information isn’t a completely linear function anymore where a consumer is on the receiving end. Already, we can share it. By becoming engaged in communities around shared interests, we’ll eventually be able to become even more connected to that,” said Jordan Levin.

That’s the sort of thing that’s leading to better news: People who can fact check the guy on the air.