“Matter of fact, can’t you just see the difference that might have occurred. Ya know, they knew where Bin Laden was. I don’t think they really wanted to catch him because he was used as the excuse for us, you know, invading various countries and building up the military,” Paul said on Scott Horton’s radio program.

Paul was discussing his September 11 Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001 in the context of the debate over the Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Islamic State. Paul’s letter of marque and reprisal would have authorized a small private force to capture Osama Bin Laden for the United States.

“So if you had a private force that was going to be paid to go over and get him because they had pretty good knowledge of where he was and taking care of him early on, just think of the benefits that would have come from a very, very narrowed approach to you know, going after those people that were participating in 9/11.”