“This is going to be corporatist on corporatist crime,” Deace said. “And whenever corporatist blood gets spilled, we all win.”

“[Romney’s] going to provide a lot of free opposition research for conservatives out there,” Deace added. “It’s the best of both worlds. He will go nowhere.”

At RedState, a conservative site with substantial clout among some Republican primary voters, Leon Wolf made the same argument. And Daily Caller’s Chris Bedford is also on board.

“A three-way battle for the soul of the [establishment] GOP? For its money, consultants, and votes?” he wrote. “Good news, we think.”

Brent Bozell of ForAmerica, a conservative group that was an early backer of Eric Cantor’s successful primary challenger, falls in the same camp.

“If you recall the Lurch character from the Adams family who’d just groan all the time, that’s how I feel,” he said. “It’s like Groundhog Day. It’s 6 a.m.”