After Washington Examiner commentator Byron York diagnosed the GOP’s “Palin problem,” Nicolle Wallace, famously Palin’s initial handler on the McCain campaign and the first to sound the alarm bells about the questionable running mate, said that York had once been one of Palin’s biggest pushers.

“I remember being on the cell phone with him, he was one of the harshest critics of the campaign’s handling her,” Wallace said. “He really thought the problem was in the packaging of Palin. To see him come full circle — I mean, this is who she is. This is evidence to me that she has finally shed those annoying handlers.”

“It’s a tragedy,” Scarborough said. “We all remember that night she spoke in 2008 at the convention. I will say, it remains one of the most electrifying performances I’ve seen in the last four or five conventions I’ve been to. Nobody expected her to do well. She delivered the lines well, hit it out of the park. We will let history decide how she gets from that point to this point.”