After fellow panelist Mark Shields criticized the Republican Party for “restrictive and punitive” immigration measure in the House on the president’s executive action on immigration, Brooks agreed saying “they win this big victory and what do they decide to do? Well, they decide to do Pickett’s Charge, they decide to pick a campaign they cannot possibly win. So the House passes bill that cannot possibly pass, so what’s going to happen? They’re going to have to walk embarrassedly down the hill in defeat. That’s just going to happen. And why do you do that? And I think the reason you do it is because you’ve got an opposition mentality that says, ‘let’s make a statement. We want to show the president we’re standing up to him’ and so they make a statement instead of passing the law. But if you’re in the majority, you’re in the majority, and you’ve got to start thinking that way…are you here to make statements? Well, go to Fox, or do what we do.”